Hi! I'm Brittany. Good to meet you.

I'm a Black American dance artist, musician, and writer. I love to direct dance-centered performance for stage, film, and all things immersive.

I started both dance and music around the same time in the church as a child. Mr. Bass nurtured my ability to harmonize without crippling shyness, and Miss Woods taught me how to communicate to and recieve from the divine - to move only how I feel called.


I also came up in the dance studio, as well as learning voice and piano on and off on weekends. By the time it was time for college, I chose journalism, then psych, then, dance, then music, then naturally -- I dropped out.

 Skyrocketing, ever-expanding tuition price aside, I just didn't feel that the Euro-centric curriculum was inclusive of my body and the story it had to tell. Soon I would rejoin what you might call "the underground", increasing my knowledge of House, Waacking, Popping, Breaking, Locking, and Vogue, not to mention 

brief brushes of time learning genres out of my own cultural reference-point, like the classical South Indian devotional dance Bharatanatyam.

In 2016 completely by chance, I took my quiet poetry writing, and turned it into a songwriting and recording practice. One album and whole lot of songs held hostage by various producers later, I now see myself as both singer-songwriter and dancer-choreographer -- yay! Oh I also act too when asked, definitely still a student there! Anyway, lovely to meet you. Maybe we can make together sometime.