Brittany Harlin is an artistic director, creative consultant, and performing artist. She is a repeated resident at The Ragdale Foundation, the Founding Artistic Director of Egun Artists (Formerly Chicago Urban Dance Collective, and the 2018 recipient of the Sybil Shearer fellowship. Her influences are Hip Hop, street dance culture, Modern Dance Pioneers, and Ancestors. In addition to ensemble work, her dancing and choreography has been featured at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Pivot Arts Festival, Elevate Chicago Dance Festival, Ragdale Foundation, Links Hall, Elastic Arts and more.  Brittany’s focus is Black American Vernacular Dance, Modern, Funk Styles, Waacking, and House, combined with growing knowledge of somatics and kinesiology, all through the concert dance lens. Her goal is to bring dance education to a place of complete body awareness, spiritual expression, and connection. Brittany hopes to establish her practice in mindfulness-based expressive therapy, creating opportunities and inclusiveness for marginalized demographics and all minds.

Her teaching artist pedagogy & philosophy are weighted in respecting the integrity of the vernacular, decolonized movement, by sharing what she’s been taught from respected community members – and stopping exactly there. She relates those concepts to personal natural movement, and the energy of the dancers she’s working with. Her goal is to create solidarity between diverse backgrounds, conducive to the essence and intention of The Hip Hop Socio-Political Movement. Harlin’s passion in dance extends to her community as she has launched her most recent endeavor of teaching professionalism and industry standards to emerging professional artists.  When Brittany isn’t creating dance, she is supplementing her work with her passion for poetry, singing, songwriting, and various forms of visual and installation art. She’s been referred to as a fawn and a hippie on multiple, separate occasions.

I create at the highest level of my unfiltered authenticity. For my ancestors. For the ones who think they can’t do the same and also succeed. I uphold the integrity of the cultures I represent and draw from in my work. My creative and presentative spaces are grounds to breed empathy, curiosity, intimacy, vulnerability, stillness, silliness — whatever is needed in that moment in the collective. Combining original composition, voice, and movement, I refine my collaborative craft to create something bigger than myself. I am a product of the African Diaspora and whatever comes from me is also that product. 

—Brittany Harlin, Artist Statement