... the ramblings of a luna chick

I wrote this with the intention to aide in the bravery it takes to let go, and the discernemnt to realize what needs to be realeased. 


  1. Get to the water - the more open the body of water, the better. If you don’t have access to a beach, lake, or river, a good old bathtub will do, since she drains to flowing water. 
  2. Position yourself in the water in a way that comforts you, facing the horizon, if possible 
  3. Become aware of the sounds in front of you, to the left, the right, and behind you. 
  4. Shift your awareness to the sensations of touch around you. Perhaps your feet are in the sand, or rocks, with water rushing, rising, and returning to its source
  5. Shift to your sense of smell. Note the different scents as they come. Perhaps the smell of salt, and campfire smoke, maybe herb burning in the (not-so) distance 
  6. Shift to your sense of taste — even the “neutral” ones you experience while not eating
  7. Bring focus back to the energy the water is holding. Are there waves? Ripples? Moments of stillness? 
  8. Acknowledge what elements of life have built up stagnant, stale, perhaps expired energy. What are they? Why might they still be here? What is your current process of keeping this energy in motion? Past processes? Take space to reflect and observe.
  9. With each element acknowledged, breathe in, and center in in front of your diaphragm, where your breath collects. Draw in slowly, as if materializing this element in your belly. If there are waves inhale as they come toward you and make contact.
  10. Send your exhale, energy, as well as this element up and through the nose, sending them toward the water’s horizon. If there are waves, exhale as water pulls back from the tide, back into the waters source. As you exhale, relax the muscles and joints in your body. Close your eyes, if you feel like it, and if you like, let out long, sighing sound as you breathe out.