Movement isn't only dance!

'Somatic' is simply meaning "of the body", especially as distinct from the mind. What does that mean?! Well, for me - experiencing life through a somatic lens, means giving your mind access to your body's wisdom. It's access to what generational and therefore ancestral information it has for us; literally how to move about this world and this life. When we invest in our somatic knowledge, we can accomplish a great many things. We can heal trauma, make room within ourselves for pleasure, provide for and protect ourselves, and of course give ourselves the freedom to roll around on the floor with or without music, if that is what we need and are called to do! As I begin my jouney into Somatic Therapy, I invite you to join me in whichever way suits you. I look forward to sharing and moving with you. 

Somatic Offerings

Let's move - don't be shy!

Somatic Session

50 min, $25

It honestly looks a little different for everyone. I'd say the throughline is - grab a notebook, some water, and space to move! I leave space in the beginning and in for a dialogue, but sometimes getting to the session sans gab is the way to go - we'll know once we're connected! I often come ready with music, instruments of my own (or an accompanist for special sessions!), and flexibility for what you need in the space moment to moment. Long term benefits include increased body awareness and range of movement.

Dancemaker's 10-Week Track

50 min, $200 for 10 sessions

If you're serious about taking your dance to the level of production, you're going to need more than that bubble college course that gave you ZERO insight to the business (a term I use lightly) of dance and choreography. Yes, we will absolutely hit those dance composition building blocks, but you will also recieve from me supplemental resources on those bridges to the career like grant proposal writing, accessing residencies, recieving teaching fellowships, and securing commissions. May as well learn how to apply all that pretty technique, right?

Dance Technique and Conditioning

50 min, $40 privates, $20 semi-privates

Ohhhh you're here to TRAIN-train! Technique, Freestyle Exploration & Expansion, History & Intention? Dope! I got you on the following:


House| Waacking| Popping| Modern 


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